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The first-ever Ma'agal was held May 26 - May 28, 2015 at Camp Alonim (just outside Los Angeles, CA), and it was a huge success! In attendance were 20 dance specialists from camps and schools across the spectrum of Jewish camp affiliations and geographic regions, and we had a terrific few days of learning and sharing. 

Ma’agal is a unique opportunity for rikud specialists from Jewish camps of all kinds — from the dance-obsessed to “what does rikud mean again?” (it means dance!) — to learn everything they need to take their camp's Israeli dance programs to the next level.


Need a beginner’s repertoire of easy dances with catchy songs? Teaching techniques for the excited-but-not-experienced? Tips on how to make Israeli dance the perfect vehicle for teaching Israeli culture, Hebrew language, Jewish values, and all kinds of lessons? Ma’agal is for YOU!


Connect with a new community of Israeli dance professionals and be part of a growing network that will exist throughout the summer and for summers to come.


If you are interested in supporting or attending the next Ma'agal, email Erica!



Ma'agal 2015 was made possible by generous contributions from

the Foundation for Jewish Camp and the AVI CHAI Foundation.

We are hugely grateful for their support!

What will you learn?
  • Repertoire – some great dances to teach

  • Techniques – tips for how to teach them

  • Israeli dance as a vehicle for teaching Israel, Judaism, community, Hebrew...

  • History – why Israeli dance is what it is and who helped make it that way

  • Younger kids – different dances, different techniques

  • Technology – how to best use your audio equipment, dj software, etc

  • Rikkudiah! – how to put Israeli dance on stage

  • The larger circle – connect to Israeli dance in the world outside of camp

  • Inclusion – safe spaces for differently-abled dancers, gender-safe vocabulary, etc.

And more... what do you want to learn? What does your camp need?

continents (so far!). In the L.A. area, Erica taught for many years at New Community Jewish High School and other schools and temples and performed with the Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble. She is currently working on two Masters degrees at Brandeis University and is a newly-minted Davidson Wexner Fellow.

Erica Goldman

has been the Dance Director at Camp Alonim for over a decade. She has taught Israeli dance on four

Caren Heller

has led Israeli dance

at Ramah camps on

two coasts and was

dance teacher and choreographer at Milken Community High School in Los Angeles and Ramaz Upper School in New York. Caren holds an MA in Dance and Dance Education from Columbia's Teachers College and currently lives and works in New Jersey.


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Ma’agal enables Jewish educators and dance enthusiasts to implement enriching, educational, and emotionally-connecting Israeli dance programs by providing them with training, resources, and an encouraging supportive community.

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“I came into this program more than a little tired and overwhelmed. I felt like I knew what there was to know and I would be bored. But from the moment we started, Erica’s warmth and enthusiasm wowed me and opened my eyes to how much I could not only grow my camp but expand my own horizons. I found value in every single program we did and have been inspired to better myself for my camp and my kids. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” 

“Erica and Caren’s energy made me so excited to bring all this new information back to my camp. I would be so lost and frustrated this summer without the dances, organizational skills, and motivation I gained this week. Thank you!”  

What did participants say?

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